Balloon wedding dress
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This line is suitable for both religious and civil ceremonies, made famous by the enchanting Grace Kelly when she went up the altar with Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956.

It gives an elegant figure and is suitable for both tall and slender brides and more curvy ones, since the important volume of the skirt hides the shapes.

The fitted bodice hugs the waist and is often embellished with beaded and sparkly appliqués rather than lace or embroidery inserts. The most used fabrics are organza, taffeta and gazar.

The wide skirt on the hips, whose shape resembles that of a balloon from which it takes its name, generally has two lengths: knee or ankle.

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Mermaid wedding dress

Mermaid wedding dress

A sensual and feminine line that wraps the curves of the silhouette up to about mid-thigh where the skirt opens wide and voluminous characterized by the particular bias cut, invented around 1930 by the French designer Madaleine Vionnet. This style is recommended for...

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